supervisory board chairman & Production manager

With nearly 20 years of machinery and equipment modification, production process updates and the development of new product experience, he has a strong degree of professionalism to the company's product performance, features, production technology .


The founder of company , founded Wujin Huafu, textile printing and dyeing and the company. The company's core technical staff, with more than 20 years of production management experience, the company's overall operational development plays a key role.

Director & Board Secretary

She holds a Master's degree in Financial Mathematics from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. She previously worked in the Marketing Department of China Securities Regulatory Commission and then Head of Market Development at CASH ON-LINE (CHINA) CO., LTD, a Hong Kong listed company, joined the Company formally in 2015.

Director and general manager

He graduated from Macquarie University in Australia and has worked for the Company since 2008. The company's core technical staff -he has made great contributions on the company's export sales channels .

Que Fuming

Que Lei

Que Jianfu

Mo Yifei



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